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The #1 Electrical Correction:
Failure to read the manufacturer’s instruction.
National Electric Code: NEC 110.3

In a number of cases of electrical-related home structure fires, homes ranging from 40 to 100 years old had not been inspected since they were built. Just like any product, our electrical systems gradually deteriorate with use, abuse, age and increased demand. Systems installed in the 70s and earlier likely never anticipated the demand we place on them today. To ensure the electrical safety of your home, your electrical inspection should be up-to-date, defects corrected, and service upgraded to meet present and foreseeable demands.

U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 67, 000 reported U.S. home fires involving elctrical failure or malfunction in 2011. These fires rusulted in numerous civilian deaths, injusries and an estimated $1.5 million in direct property damages.


We would like to stress that quality control is of the utmost importance and will focus our expertise in electrical installation and maintenance using our knowledge to comply with code enforcement and the desire to provide excellent customer service at affordable rates.

Here are a few TIPS

  • Always hire an electrician who has a valid electrical license.
  • Hire a journeyman electrician for wiring work, not a “handyman” electrician
  • Get an estimate upfront.
  • Ask the electrician for a list of references (previous clients).
  • Avoid hiring friends to do your electrical work unless they are a licensed electrician.
  • Avoid hiring an electrician without knowing their contact information (business address and phone number).